Starting your business in Furniturelly will prove beneficial for you. It will help to grow your business among customers. More customers are engaged with you and your designs through Furniturelly. Not only will you reach new customers but also because of Furniturelly, there is an increment in your sales. Furniturelly also helps to increase your brand awareness among the consumers. There are many reasons to sell on Furniturelly. We have our customers who can see your products to the ability to start selling fast without the need to create a new standalone website. You spend no time and money to do marekting, We do it for you!

Why Furniturelly believe in trust and quality?

We provide the best to our buyers with quality products. Buyers can easily compare different sellers and their products according to their wants. Also, Furniturelly show-up sellers who have high review demand by their respective buyer's Customers can request quotations. It will help sellers with better tracking and maintenance in the long run.

Can I close my account?

If you want to close your account permanently, Seller Support can assist you. Keep in mind that you can use the Maintenance mode feature that will hide all your listings, or you can deactivate or remove your listings entirely but hold on to your account for future use. Before you close your account permanently, please cancel and remove your listings and resolve all transactions.

Sell your items

How do I manage my seller's account?

Use will get access to a full featured Merchant Dashboard to manage all aspects of selling on Furniturelly, like manage your selling account, add product information, make inventory updates, manage orders, and manage users.

Why is Furniturelly a one-stop platform?

Furniturelly is a one-stop platform where our buyers can access various design collections from different manufacturers on one platform. At Furniturelly, Manufacturers can sell their gold, silver, etc. any Furniture on this platform trouble-free.

How will seller know he have inquiry and order?

When the customer sends the product inquiry to the seller, the notification will show up to the seller in his dashboard>messages that he has an order. Then the seller will dispatch the individual quotation to the seller and his terms and conditions for the work and all the respective details which need to be shared with the customer. If then the customer accepts it, the other process will go on further.

How Furniturelly deals in payment and shipment?

Our buyers and sellers are both free to choose payment methods. They can choose as per their convenience. Consumers can directly pay the sellers. The shipment methods are used for the convenience of both sellers and buyers. Sellers can contact buyers asking about delivery options, or they can use items at their convenience.


How one can take subscription and what are the benefits?

Furniturelly offers different selling plans for a monthly subscription, but before it Furniturelly offers six months subscription for all the sellers so that they can experience incredible response and make progress in their business 

Is there any hidden cost?

Furniturelly provides the global platform for trading and helps sellers entering in the global market of selling jewelry.  Also, furniturelly have no role in payments and transactions between the seller and buyer.

Hence, we do not charge any hidden costs from our sellers as well as buyers.