Who are our buyers/customers?  

Our buyers are Furniture designers, retailers, resellers, wholesalers, shop owners, online sellers, and owners of a Furniture brand. Furniturelly provides a convenient way for our buyers to connect with their sellers and reach them anytime. At Furniturelly, you can find a wide variety of Furniture designs and their makers.

How can a customer/ buyer enter the account?

The log-in process allows buyers to manage their accounts for the respective order of goods they have placed and updates on their performance. Also, we respect the privacy and dignity of the seller and buyer. This benefit makes furniturelly unique, so we provide a restricted chat between seller and buyer that ends to end is encrypted between them.

 Why does the seller keep a Private catalog for our buyers? 

In Furniturelly, a Private Catalog option is also available. Sellers can store their unique collection in a private catalog, which they want to keep decent and personal. And customers can access this secret Catalog of sellers by only requesting them; without a catalog request from the customer, no one goes through their private Catalog. Private Catalog enables sellers to control distribution, ensure internal compliance, and increase discoverability for their collections. Using a Private catalog makes it easier to see all designs of a particular seller under one section. To create a Private Catalog, you have to prepare a list of your designs/products that you don't want to show on the website. Control distribution Create your private Catalog with your plans and organize and present the designs with care. Manage your product's visibility which is available in a personal catalog. We ensure internal compliance; we Offer our customers an up-to-date private record if they request us to do the same.

How Furniturelly deal in payment and shipment?

Our buyers and sellers are both free to choose payment methods. They can choose as per their convenience. Consumers can directly pay the sellers. The shipment methods are used for the betterment of both sellers and buyers. Sellers can contact buyers asking about delivery options, or they can use items at their convenience. 

Why is furniturelly a one-stop platform?

Furniturelly is a one-stop platform where our buyers can access various design collections from different manufacturers on one platform. At furniturelly, Manufacturers can sell their gold, silver, etc. any Furniture on this platform trouble-free.